Friday, 30 November 2012

Taking my previous post into consideration, I took the "time to think" watercolour further with editing.
Im finding this more fun playing around with different colours and adding textures into my paintings and it can sometimes bring certain works to life.

Scanned in some previous works of my Bob Marley painting and a random "time to think" watercolour painting..
Then played around with them to see how i could make them more appealing.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

 Taking a past painting of my dog, I ended up scanning it in for a more crisp look...then editing it through photoshop for a more magical appeal.
I wont be updating for a good couple of days as i will be in Wales, visiting a special person/writting my essay.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Yesterday was manic, no sleep or hardly any at all. Scanning in previous paintings then editing them around till i was fully happy overall.

The Lion painting: I simply distorted the image with a fisheye effect to adjust the mouth with more of a "ROAR" so it seems more that the painting is comming at the audience.

The Elephant painting: I only adjusted the colours on this one( warmer colour choices and darkening the main dark areas) and added a swirl effect on the left elephants ear, so it looks like the left elephant is actually infront of the right elephant.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Started working on this piece around 12.30pm, literally not going to sleep tonight as im heading into the library at 7am to do additional photoshop work on this piece.
This isn't for my project, though im hoping it turns out good enough to give to my girlfriends mom as its her two dogs :)
have to keep working in that art zone, keep the juices flowing :)

Ended up walking into University at 7am to find the computer room i needed wasn't open until 8.30am,
waited patiently and scanned this in for a more crisp look than taking a picture.
Heres the outcome with some editing/adjustments..

Monday, 26 November 2012

So i ended up handing in my project a few days early.. so i can relax and try not to stress too much!
Here are some pictures showing the process of printing and cutting them down to scale..
I simply chose to work small mainly because all of my other outcomes were on the scale of A3.

Heres a few pictures of my final prints from this morning and what my artwork on the wall currently looks like :)
First picture is how my prints turned out like, so happy with all of them!
Second picture is all of my conclusions including my final 4 images on the right side of the wall
My project was based on a number; the number 2, then calling it "Phrase 2" as i took certain phrases that included the number two and tried to communicate with my Artwork a message using that certain phrase to the audience.

Phrases used:
"two heads are better than one"
"two faced"
"20ft of blood vessels covers a square inch of human skin"

Other piece's of work are additional prints, additional edits of originals and extra work as i had so much to give towards this project.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

This morning she is on my mind, this isn't anything different..yet im travelling on saturday to see her and i am beginning to become impatient!!!!

So heres a few more edited images of my artwork that i'm going to be printing out today on more expensive paper, just to give me something to do as i feel like im so close to finishing 2 of my projects by this week.

I have time management down to a T, yet im paying the price of 7 hours sleep. not enough.

Spending most of my morning coming up with extra prints i could do to boost my portfolio and outcome of this print heres a taster ;) big things are comming!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Here is another photoshop edit, focusing on bringing out the colours that lay beneath.
Here is the process, as it gives you the idea that the blues and greens come through gradually throughout editing the contrast and brightness.
The images below the top are ones with added blur, mainly so it isn't so crisp on the eye, a lot less eye straining for the audience.

How did i manage to forget about these photo's, damn!
The first one is a scanned image from my 2 faced final print with a bit of photoshop to increase the colour contrast and give this more of a nightmare feeling, the other two are lost artwork that i stumbled upon this morning.


Friday, 23 November 2012

Printing on photopaper:
I am a bit sceptical on paying nearly £10 to print on some fancy paper, but after some time thinking if it would push my images further especially for the audience's viewing pleasure.
They came out exceptionaly well in my eyes, especially as they seem to give more of a polaroid feel towards them!

Apologies for the rebounded light from my camera, it was pretty dark in the room, will be collecting better photos next week.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Today was a cardio/leg day...running/jogging for 2 hours from the bottom of portsmouth towards port solent, its pretty far! but this time i ended up taking my camera with me as at 3-5 am there is some beautifull scenery.

Running past this church every week when taking a break from weight training; its lit up with blue lights and i ended up taking a picture whilst running, to my advantage the surrounding lights has given this image a better effect!

Friday morning, 3:10am... listening to some "Fort Minor" and drinking coffee, standard tesco's stuff...though its doing the job!

I havn't got my folder with me as i left it at university yesterday evening, so i spent this morning tripping out way toooooo much! so here is a bit of a morning psychedelic viewing for your pleasure and purely to trip you all out as well.

Ok, just came back from my tutorial..she was ever so pleased and said " you've been working your butt off" which is amazing! i cannot believe how happy she was with my work! she even thought some pieces should be published in a book called " fax you"
I was nieve and didnt think so, but she thinks i really should start to appreciate my own work. wise words and kind ones aswell :) made me smile so much!!!!!!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Ended up cropping and focusing more within my images that i posted below.. this time rotating, giving a different perspective and trying to relate it towards the number 2..or atleast symmetry.
Below is an example of focusing/rotating and cropping the image i had before, then layering a rainbow effect which brang out the edges of the image more and pushed my facial features behind.

After editing this, i merged the same image but rotated so it gives a symmetry appeal.
This relates to my project as symmetry is under the number 2, symmetry within the body or the face, we are not perfectly symmetrical yet i can make darn sure my artwork is.

Todays the day, tutorial a week before my hand in date with this project based on print.
Really think im doing exceptionaly well myself, but i'll see what my tutor has to say...hopefully no more body prints!

I may end up buying more indian ink to experiment with, as the results from yesterday were eye pleasing to say the least ( the pink/blue/purple image )

Here are more photoshop edits:

( From the top to the bottom )
These are mainly to bring out the vibrant colours , cranking up the contrast/exposure/brightness * not too much* too levels of 400 +

The second image has a tiny bit of adjustments, adding soft focus around the face.
This is mainly so the fingers look blurred and giving the look of a steamed window.
( when you put pressure on a frosty window and it leaves your fingerprints look)

Finally, this image is just adding a soft black and white tone, just to compare towards my actual photocopy prints.
I really love this one for some reason..especially the blobs around the face and how it looks spread out...exactly how you'd imagine pressing yourself against a window would look like.

After walking in the rain this morning to the art room, i brought some ink and worked more into finger printing but with indian ink this time around.
" crimson red and blue"
Mainly as these are the colours of our vessels inside of our bodys, the image on the left is the rough outcome of focusing on one colour "blue" i wasn't too happy with it.. it just seemed to bland for my eyes.

Here on the bottom right i worked on some rough paper that had backprints of my spray paint on " my hand print"
working with both indian ink colours this time around, i found that they blended really well with one another.
Giving hints of purple around the edges of the blue and crimson red.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Its Wednesday and the forecast is supposed to be on and off rain today, which means i can escape my art cave and let my juice's flow in the art room!

Walked downstairs today to find my landlord whom i promised to give my bob marley portrait too, has put it up already :) everytime we see one another he keeps asking how my artwork is going and he generally loves it! :D this pleaaaaaases me so much and gives me a bit of an ego boost. NOT GOING TO LIE :)

Here is a picture : above the coat hanger so everyone gets to see this before leaving the house, mmm yeh!