Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Its raining...and has been virtualy all day! euuurgh, so i made myself a sausage sarnie :) and got too work, mainly in my file/folder and adding bits and bobs towards my print brief.

I have quite frankly finished this project already, concluding up most of my work and final piece's that i have on show...already, yep.. im that guy.

Im not sure how but this project seemed way too easy for my arty-ness... mainly because print could be anything in regards to photography, photocopying, printing out, printing onto...blah blah blah
and my area of art right now is portraits and painting, as thats what i find hard so im trying to refine my "skill" in that area.

Anyway, i decided to print my body and do some pre school hand printing. BLUERGH.

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