Tuesday, 20 November 2012

One of my photocopies that i kept firmly away from "mainly as it has nothing to do with 2" cropt up when reading back into my project, this was when i found some glasses and broke them to use the lenses for some effects...and i photocopied my nose and forehead as it seems to give a chilling effect, somewhat dark and mysterious as well.

Materials used: spray paint "cream" ,shatterings of lenses and of course... my head.

Laying the piece on the floor, i snapped away..photo after photo. Just so i can get one perfect shot of this to make it seem more darker than it is..applying photoshop after just to smooth over the darkness in the image and soft focus to get rid off the grittyness of the spray paint at the top.

I guess you can relate this towards the number 2; with the symmetry of my face, but im not going to blag my way into that.

Anyway this is my last update before i sleep, im so tired! and im missing a certain someone right now who is the soul of my happyness.

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