Monday, 26 November 2012

So i ended up handing in my project a few days early.. so i can relax and try not to stress too much!
Here are some pictures showing the process of printing and cutting them down to scale..
I simply chose to work small mainly because all of my other outcomes were on the scale of A3.

Heres a few pictures of my final prints from this morning and what my artwork on the wall currently looks like :)
First picture is how my prints turned out like, so happy with all of them!
Second picture is all of my conclusions including my final 4 images on the right side of the wall
My project was based on a number; the number 2, then calling it "Phrase 2" as i took certain phrases that included the number two and tried to communicate with my Artwork a message using that certain phrase to the audience.

Phrases used:
"two heads are better than one"
"two faced"
"20ft of blood vessels covers a square inch of human skin"

Other piece's of work are additional prints, additional edits of originals and extra work as i had so much to give towards this project.

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