Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Todays the day, tutorial a week before my hand in date with this project based on print.
Really think im doing exceptionaly well myself, but i'll see what my tutor has to say...hopefully no more body prints!

I may end up buying more indian ink to experiment with, as the results from yesterday were eye pleasing to say the least ( the pink/blue/purple image )

Here are more photoshop edits:

( From the top to the bottom )
These are mainly to bring out the vibrant colours , cranking up the contrast/exposure/brightness * not too much* too levels of 400 +

The second image has a tiny bit of adjustments, adding soft focus around the face.
This is mainly so the fingers look blurred and giving the look of a steamed window.
( when you put pressure on a frosty window and it leaves your fingerprints look)

Finally, this image is just adding a soft black and white tone, just to compare towards my actual photocopy prints.
I really love this one for some reason..especially the blobs around the face and how it looks spread out...exactly how you'd imagine pressing yourself against a window would look like.

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